Extraction Process

As cannabis culture continues to grow, so too does the discernment of consumers seeking reliable, consistent, and safe methods of consumption. Enter Supercitical Fluid Extraction or CO2, which is perhaps the most effective method for maintaining terpene levels and preventing cannabinoids from being deactivated during the extraction process. The most advantageous aspect of CO2 extraction is the fact that when used as a solvent, carbon dioxide leaves behind no residues, which is critical to providing customers with the purest form of cannabis oil. When compared to other extraction methods like butane extraction, which can leave behind trace levels of heavy metals, CO2 is the clear choice for those seeking the finest in extracted oil.

How does the extraction process work? Because CO2 is a supercritical fluid, meaning it converts to a liquid when placed under extreme pressure, it is able to remove essential oils from plant matter without leaving residues behind.

Once the carbon dioxide is super cooled, it is pushed through an extraction tube containing the plant matter, which leaves behind only the cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes. When this mixture is warmed, the CO2 evaporates, leaving behind pure cannabis oil.