Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage for Your Face

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Most people have heard of a facial massage, and many have gone to a spa to get one. However, estheticians now offer an entirely new type of facial massage: a lymphatic facial massage. This treatment is meant to encourage lymphatic drainage from your face, but what is lymphatic drainage anyway? Is lymphatic drainage good for your face? Here is a closer look.

What does facial lymphatic drainage do?

First, what is the lymphatic system? This intricate system is a network of vessels, organs, and tissues that’s a critical component of your immune system. The lymphatic system is responsible for a lot, such as absorbing fat when it enters the digestive tract and making sure fluid levels are adequate in different organs and cells. Another primary function is to move lymph, a watery fluid that often picks up toxins and waste from the body, back into the circulatory system, so toxins are properly expelled.

While the lymphatic system does a good job of moving fluid throughout the body, sometimes excess fluid builds up in your face. Facial lymphatic drainage helps to encourage the flow of lymph away from the face. Light pressure, circular movements, and other massage techniques are used to push the fluid away from your face and back into your body.

Lymphatic Facial Massage Benefits

Does lymphatic drainage help acne? Will it give you a more youthful glow? Maybe, but the formal research is limited. Anecdotal reports have claimed the massage helped to reduce puffiness and clear up breakouts faster than usual. Some beauty professionals propose that lymph drainage massage for the face may deliver a number of benefits, such as:

  • Smoothing facial features
  • Promoting blood flow
  • Improving complexion
  • Encouraging natural healing
  • Reducing the appearance of under-eye sagging

The dermal tissue does have lymphatic vessels, and the reduced function of these vessels may lead to sagging skin. Further, lymphatic massage has been used on other parts of the body to encourage edema to dissolve. However, the full extent of how well a lymphatic massage could help your face is not entirely known.

Facial Lymphatic Drainage FAQs

How often should you do lymphatic drainage on your face?

You can do a basic lymphatic massage on your own face at home pretty much as often as you choose. Some people do a brief massage every morning to reduce morning puffiness and to get more blood flow to the face.

How do you drain lymph nodes in your face with Gua Sha?

The Gua Sha massage tool, which is most often made from rose quartz, is known for boosting blood flow in the face. Simply use the tool to gently roll your skin toward the lymph nodes in your neck, going over each area several times.

Is it safe to do a DIY lymphatic drainage facial?

DIY lymphatic facials are generally safe to do on your own. You will essentially be using only dry palms and fingertips to slowly stretch specific areas of your skin down toward your neck. As long as you are gentle, you should not experience any negative reactions.

Enhance Your Lymphatic Facial with Aftercare Products

Lymphatic massage is meant to be done with dry hands, so wait to apply things like moisturizers and CBD face serums after the massage. Need a few good skincare products to try? Be sure to check out our line of CBD skincare at Elmore Mountain Therapeutics.

Written by Ashley Reynolds.