Can CBD Be Absorbed Through the Skin?

Ashley Reynolds is the Co Founder of EMTCBD. Working with those ready to make the transition to plan based medicine is the driver behind Ashley’s ambitions to marry education with safe consumption of cannabis. A mom, dental hygienist, wife, and Vermonter, Ashley brings a unique story sharing perspective to the everyday women just trying to be well in a life of ups and downs.

From makeup to moisturizers, CBD (cannabidiol) has made its way into a plethora of skin-related products. The numerous beneficial properties of the cannabinoid seem to make it a viable candidate to apply to the skin, but these benefits can only be reaped if CBD is actually absorbed. Most people know that CBD can offer a number of benefits, but the key to understanding the value of CBD as a skincare agent is knowing how it is processed by the body. Let’s take a deeper look.

So, can CBD be absorbed through the skin?

Short answer – yes! Skin is your body’s greatest defense—the epidermal layers protect your body from many unseen threats. But, the skin is also permeable because of its pores, glands, and hair follicles, which means some agents can naturally get through. One of those agents? CBD. While CBD can be absorbed via the skin, some CBD products, such as salves and balms, are more effective for skin application than others, such as CBD oil, which is more effective when taken sublingually.

When you use something like our CBD Face Serum, which is made with other skin-nourishing ingredients, the cannabinoids in the formula gradually seep into the sebaceous glands through hair follicles. Interestingly enough, CBD is actually far more skin-permeable than THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

How does CBD get processed once it enters the skin?

Once CBD is absorbed by the skin, the cannabinoid interacts with receptors found in the skin. Numerous skin-related processes are directed by the inotropic cannabinoid receptors in the skin, including things like inflammatory events and oil production. The body produces its own endocannabinoids that normally affect these receptors, but CBD may offer similar actions. This action is currently being researched because it means that CBD may help with a number of skin issues, such as different forms of dermatitis.

Does absorbed CBD enter the bloodstream?

Once CBD is absorbed by the skin, it is mostly processed by the cannabinoid receptors found in this part of the body and any residual metabolites are rarely bioavailable. Therefore, it would be rare for CBD to actually enter the bloodstream when applied topically. However, some transdermal products that are designed to stay on the skin longer may deliver enough CBD to transition into the bloodstream.

CBD and Skincare – A Natural Match

So, since CBD can be processed by the skin once it is absorbed, those lovely properties that the cannabinoid is known to offer can be reaped by your body’s largest organ. If you would like to add a bit of CBD to your skincare regimen, be sure to take a look at our CBD skincare line at Elmore Mountain Therapeutics.

Written by Ashley Reynolds.