Everything You Need to Know About CBD for Your Skin

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It’s no secret that CBD (cannabidiol) is being used for everything from anxiety relief to sleep aid. But did you know CBD could be beneficial to your skincare routine?

In reality, CBD’s beneficial properties may be beneficial to both the inside and outside of your body. Let’s look at the benefits of CBD for skin, why you might use CBD for skin issues, and some of the best CBD products for skin.

Why Use CBD for Skin

CBD has so many qualities that have both captivated and intrigued the science community and curious consumers with an eye for natural health. Even though much of the research into CBD is just getting started, we do know that CBD has a slew of therapeutic qualities and properties. The cannabinoid is:

If you take a look at some of the top skincare products, many contain ingredients that offer similar attributes. Therefore, it really should come as no surprise that CBD could be included in the skincare-agent lineup. As an adage, the skin is actually home to a wealth of concentrated cannabinoid receptors, which seems to show how respondent to CBD the skin could actually be.

Benefits of CBD for Skin

When CBD is applied to the skin, those cannabinoid receptors could be stimulated. Some researchers have even speculated that cannabinoids may play a role in “skin homeostasis,” which is a state of equilibrium when physiological components seem to be operating at their prime. In addition, the properties of CBD may help deter some of the most common skin problems.

A thorough review performed in 2017 and a 2014 study actually found that CBD may reduce the production of skin oils and soothe inflammation, both of which can be associated with acne. Some research has even suggested that CBD may be a valuable agent to help people with major skin conditions like psoriasis or even contact dermatitis.

On another note, because CBD is a powerful antioxidant, it may hold promise for use as an age-deterring agent in skincare products. Free radical damage caused by environmental exposures is one of the most common reasons for skin deterioration.

Common FAQs About CBD for Skin


Does CBD applied to skin get into the bloodstream?

CBD applied to the skin is absorbed by the skin and then processed by cannabinoid receptors, which are actually found in relatively high numbers in the skin tissue. Therefore, when you apply CBD skin products, most of the cannabinoid will be processed before it ever enters your bloodstream. Nevertheless, using large quantities of a topical could lead to CBD entering the bloodstream.

Can regular CBD oil be rubbed on the skin?

While there is no rule that you can’t put just any CBD oil on your skin, it really is best to opt for products specifically designed for use as a topical. Why? The ingredients included in regular CBD oil may not always be the healthiest for your skin. For example, one of the main carrier oils in most products, MCT oil, is highly likely to be comodogenic.

Can CBD cause itchy skin or irritation?

While most people can use CBD skincare products without ever seeing an issue, CBD is from a plant, and that plant is a known allergen for some people. In the event you do experience itchy skin or irritation after using topical CBD, discontinue use. Keep in mind as well, you may not always be having a reaction to the CBD itself but some other ingredient in a product.

Does CBD improve skin texture or health?

Initial studies do seem to be showing CBD could be beneficial for skin health. Due to antioxidant qualities, the cannabinoid may even be good for improving skin texture by alleviating inflammation or irritation for some. Likewise, some of the best-made CBD skincare products also contain valuable, synergistic ingredients your skin craves, such as vitamins and minerals.

Our Picks of the Best CBD Products for Skin

Naturally, with the growing reputation of CBD, a multitude of products have made their way to the mainstream, including in the skincare and beauty industry. As it always goes with CBD, you do have to be mindful of what you buy. Here are a few of our favorite types of CBD products for skin and why, as well as a nice, exemplary product from our collection.

CBD Face Serum

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What’s the one part of your body always exposed to the world and the sun, always picked at, plucked at, and coated with products? The face. With that being said, a good facial serum to really give your face something it needs can be especially vital. Our CBD Face Serum is designed for just that reason. Formulated with non-comedogenic oils like jojoba and sunflower oil, this serum is lightweight, moisturizing, and filled with a ton of good nutrients. The inclusion of cannabidiol means you also get that kick of antioxidant power and soothing action.

CBD Body Oil

Body oils have gotten a bad rap over the years because so many products contain agents that do the opposite of what the skin needs, such as clogging the pores and causing breakouts. However, good body oil can be essential to keep skin from head to toe soft, supple, and moisturized. You just have to know the ingredients in the body oil are meant for therapeutic support, non-pore-clogging, and healthy for the skin. For example, Elmore Mountain Therapeutics Lavender CBD Body Oil is made with vitamin E, organic apricot oil, and, of course, CBD.

CBD Scrubs and Exfoliators

Scrubs and exfoliators are an awesome addition to your beauty routine because they can slough away dead skin cells, encourage blood flow, and leave your skin smooth and refreshed. Integrating CBD into scrubs or exfoliation products is a straight-up genius idea, in our opinion. The CBD helps to keep your skin calm during the otherwise somewhat abrasive treatment by soothing inflammation and adding that bit of extra to the experience. EMT Rose Glow CBD Salt Scrub is a good choice.

Up Your Skin Care Regimen with CBD

With all things considered, CBD can be a valuable component to have in your skincare routine, especially when you are using quality-made products. If you are looking for a little extra oomph in your daily effort to take good care of your skin, be sure to check out our line of CBD skincare products. Every last product is crafted with quality and healthy skin in mind, right down to the organic ingredients we choose to include.

Written by Ashley Reynolds.