Why Use CBD Massage Oil? Benefits of a CBD Massage

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Warm hands, working tired muscles, inducing an ultimate state of relaxation that melts the stress like hot butter—who doesn’t love a good massage? The fact is, a massage is good for the body and mind, but there is a chance that adding CBD massage oil to the mix could elevate the experience to an entirely new beneficial level. Once you know why that’s the case, CBD massage oil benefits are impossible to ignore. Below is a closer look at why a good CBD body oil may be just what you need in your next massage sesh.

CBD Massage Oil Benefits – Why CBD massage oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid derived from hemp has been shown to help with many things from sleep to mood. With so many proposed benefits, it truly is no wonder so many have embraced CBD products as part of their everyday wellness plans.

The thing is, some of the same qualities that make this hemp-derived cannabinoid so good for the inside of the body are the very same properties that offer value during a topical massage. CBD offers so many benefits for the skin, which means this cannabinoid has made its way into a long list of skincare products and garners support from professionals like dermatologists and estheticians.

Your skin can absorb and interact with cannabinoids. Therefore, massage oil that’s formulated with CBD delivers the valuable cannabinoid to cannabinoid receptors in the skin to deliver desirable effects.

How CBD Enhances a Massage

A massage all on its own has a lot of benefits, such as reducing stress, helping you relax, and improving circulation. Bringing CBD into the equation takes those massage benefits a step further. Here’s a closer look.

1. Enhance relaxing effects

One of the primary properties of CBD is its ability to help people relax and even prepare for better sleep. If you have had an especially frustrating day and you need to achieve an inner sense of zen, a massage with CBD may be the extra Oomph needed to really achieve that utter state of relaxation.

2. Target bodily discomfort

Even though the bulk of the reports available on CBD for pain are anecdotal, CBD may help support pain management efforts. So, if you are especially sore or dealing with pain after an injury, a massage with Lavender CBD Body Oil may help bring you more relief.

3. Improve skin issues

One reason CBD is used in skincare products is that it has properties that may support specific skin issues. For example, CBD may soothe skin irritation. Therefore, you can get a massage and do something good for your skin at the same time.

4. Boost mood-enhancing effects

A massage is known to help you destress and unwind when you are feeling uptight, anxious, and not in the best mood. Since CBD is also known to support a better state of mind, using massage oil with CBD during a massage could mean that the mood-enhancing effects are even more profound.

5. Target muscular soreness

A lot of athletes use topical CBD products after intense workouts or events. This is because cannabidiol has antioxidant properties that can be really good for tired and damaged muscles, which may support a quicker bounceback or recovery.

Ready for a next-level massage with CBD?

With so many benefits, you are bound to be curious about what a massage with CBD oil could feel like. If so, we’ve got you covered with top-quality CBD body oils at Elmore Mountain therapeutics. Each of our products, including Rose Glow CBD Body Oil, is made using full-spectrum hemp extracts and ingredients that are only good for your skin. Be sure to take a look at the CBD products in our spa collection.