When Should You Exfoliate After Waxing?

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Without a doubt, waxing can sure beat shaving. You get longer-lasting hair removal, so you can skip the razors for weeks. After waxing, your skin can be a little sensitive, so some questions can come up. Can I exfoliate after waxing? When should you exfoliate after waxing? We’ve got the answers below.

Why Exfoliate After Waxing

Exfoliating after you wax can be a good thing to do for a few different reasons just as it is good to exfoliate after shaving. For one, after waxing, the hair follicles are open, which means you can really get down deep and remove impurities. Secondly, exfoliating can help prevent those follicles and the pores on your skin from clogging, which can help deter the risk of a breakout or getting ingrown hair.

How long should I wait to exfoliate after waxing?

The general rule is to wait at least two or three days after waxing to do any exfoliating, and that rule applies whether you wax yourself or go to a professional for a wax treatment. Your skin can be sensitive right after waxing and a little inflamed. In some cases, you can even have microscopic tears on the skin’s surface. Exfoliating the area can further exacerbate the situation, so give your skin a few days to recuperate.

It is actually a good idea to continue to exfoliate until your hair starts to grow back. Exfoliating two or even three times a week can help you avoid the messy process with your skin that can come along after waxing, such as raised bumps, itching, and ingrown hair.

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How to Exfoliate After Waxing

Learning how to exfoliate your skin can be pertinent to a good skincare routine. After waiting a few days for your skin to recover, you can simply massage the exfoliator over the area in a circulator motion, and then rinse the product away. A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid long exfoliation sessions; your skin can still be a little more sensitive
  • Don’t concentrate on one specific spot on your skin for too long
  • Always work with a well-made exfoliation product
  • Moisturize well after you have exfoliated

The best exfoliators are made with natural ingredients that will be gentle on your skin but offer just enough sloughing ability to really get your pores clean. Look for exfoliation products that contain things like nourishing Shea butter or other organic oils for the gentlest experience.

Try CBD Body Scrub After Waxing for Profound Results

CBD (cannabidiol) is good for your skin because it has natural properties to deter inflammation and supply your skin with natural antioxidants to encourage healing and prevent breakouts. These properties can be especially desirable after a waxing session, even if you do need to wait a few days before exfoliating.

If you want to see the best results when you exfoliate after waxing, try a good exfoliation product with CBD. For example, EMTs Rose Glow CBD Body Scrub is made with skin-nourishing ingredients like organic oils and exfoliating salt crystals, but also CBD. This delivers the ideal formula to keep your skin clean and breakout-free after waxing.

Written by Ashley Reynolds.