Interview With Alexandra Esthetics Owner Ally Jenner



I first met Ally Jenner at a Love Spa Life Retreat and Continuing education course that I was Co-teaching. I was immediately drawn to Ally’s warm and welcoming vibe. We connected over our love for supporting small and locally owned companies. As well as the importance of collaborating with women owned businesses.

Ally has recently become an esthetician partner of Elmore Mountain Therapeutics. I want to highlight the important work that Ally and our other Esthetician and Massage partners do for their clients. I’m fascinated and inspired by Ally’s journey to becoming a Solo Practitioner and I’m excited for you to read on.

So let’s get started!

My why of becoming a esthetician goes back to when I was growing up and dealing with the struggles of my own skin. I struggled with acne my whole childhood right into my twenties. I had acne before anyone else did my age and was teased for it. Growing up my means of information came in forms of teen bop magazines, and well YouTube bloggers were just coming on the scene. Yes I completely dated my self right there, haha. I tired products left and right, did DIY’s, watched YouTube, and read all the articles.

This you could say is when my interest in skin care started and my passion for it grew. After researching endless ways of how the skin reacts the way it does, how it works, how ingredients, skin concerns and underlying conditions play a huge role. I knew this was the path in life for me. I want to help others feel the best in their skin at its healthiest, and understand what the root cause may be. Giving others the tool I wish I knew when I was younger, to set them on the right path on healing and understanding their skin. It is a true passion for me being a esthetician and being part of someone’s skin journey has brought so much joy into my life.

How long have you been practicing solo?

I didn’t become a esthetician till my early thirties, after starting a family and my husband medically leaving the military. We settled down and made roots here in Maine. This gave me the opportunity to follow my passion and, I have been a esthetician now for 4 years. Right after school I went into a medical spa and learned so much. It help me learn that there was so much information out there on which direction you could treat the skin. I decided being in a big medical spa was not where I was meant to be. I felt limited in so many ways and could not grow. That is when I became a solo esthetician and have been for 3 years now. I am ever so thankful I took that faith. Being solo has allowed me the freedom of my creativity to grow in the spa room. It has allowed me to venture down aspects of how to approach treating the skin and learning new ways with out being told how I should learn and with who I should learn from. I am able to help guide my clients with their skin from a wholistic view point from the inside out. I have the freedom to practice and learn in this ever growing industry the way that suits myself and my family.

Why was it important to bring CBD to your clients at Alexsandra Esthetics?

Bring CBD in my spa was something I had at the top of my list since the moment I started to plan on going solo. It took me 3 years to find the right cbd products and company I align with. I knew the major benefits cbd could offer to myself with hydrating the skin, and the anti inflammatory effects, but also to my clients that needed these benefits in their daily lifestyle routine. Hello big helper for my acne clients. I personally experience anxiety and of course in this industry pain in my hands and back, CBD has helped these in so many ways. When I was introduced to EMT CBD line, I instantly felt so connected to Ashley and her view point on CBD and love and passion she pours into her line, was exactly what I was searching for in a company to work with. When I started to use the products right after meeting her, it sealed it for me. Having the opportunity to be able to offer these products to my clients has been a game changer for them and their daily routines they sometime struggled a bit with.


I have to say first off…I can not live with out the Medi-Cool Balm! This is something that goes everywhere with me, be it the roller or the tin. After a day spent in the spa performing services, my hands ache and my lower back would be in so much pain. Once my last clinet is done I will apply it to my hands and back. Within 10 minutes the pain and inflammation in my hands are completely gone, I am no longer begging my husband to massage my hands at night haha. I have also started to really fall in love with the Body oils and facial serum I have incorporated into the spa room during the massage part of the facial. My clients have mentioned how much they love the light scent to them, but they love the feel of the oils, to the point they buy a bottle to use at home with their Gua sha routines. 

We want to thank Ally for her amazing answers and story sharing. If you live in the Sanford, ME area and would like to book a treatment with Ally, check out her website.

Her Instagram page is also full of wonderful tips! Give her a follow!