Is Menthol Good For Skin? Are There Other Benefits?

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If you’ve picked up a CBD balm for muscle discomfort or a soothing CBD skin balm for inflammation, you may find menthol on the label as one of the incorporated ingredients. Menthol has a long history of use in skincare products, and it offers a lot of supportive action in products that contain CBD. So, is menthol g–ood for skin? What about other benefits? We’ve got the answers below.

What is menthol exactly?

Menthol is simply an organic compound that can be found in certain plants, such as peppermint, spearmint, or even basic wild mint. The substance is a bit waxy with a sort of crystalline structure, but it melts smoothly when exposed to temperatures just above room temperature. This plant-derived compound can be synthetically reproduced as well, which is common when the compound is needed for an additive in some commercial products.

How does menthol in skincare products work?


Menthol is approved for use in over-the-counter products. Menthol works by triggering specific receptors in the skin that are sensitive to cooling. The human skin is made up of cell membranes that contain sodium and calcium channels. Menthol affects these channels to create sensations on a cellular level, which can lead to further therapeutic action.

A Look at the Menthol Benefits for Skin

Menthol makes its way into skin products for a few different reasons. While menthol has a telltale fragrance that can be desirable in some products, this organic compound also offers other benefits that can be valuable for the skin.

Menthol acts as a topical analgesic

The most prominent characteristic of menthol that makes it a viable candidate for use on the body is its ability to offer some level of pain relief. The cooling action of menthol may help to soothe aching muscles and slightly desensitize some of the nerves responsible for sending pain signals. This is one reason why menthol is a common ingredient in skin products used for sunburn.

Menthol helps encourage blood flow

Research has shown that menthol may encourage blood flow to the skin. For people with certain conditions, such as slow healing or even muscular pain, enhanced blood flow to the area may help with a quicker recovery.

Menthol may help with itching

The cooling sensation of menthol and the way in which the compound works with the skin may help to deter issues with itching. This is why the compound can be found in some products that are common for things like itchy rashes or bug bites.

Common Questions About Menthol

Is menthol bad for skin in any way?

Menthol is not bad for your skin when used in reasonable quantities and concentrations. Only people who have an allergy to menthol may experience any type of adverse reaction with diluted menthol, such as redness, irritation, or a slight rash. Do keep in mind that menthol can be irritating for your eyes, so keep products that contain menthol away from eyes with use.

Can you use too much menthol on your skin?

You could overdo it with menthol, but it would be highly unlikely when the menthol is used as an ingredient in a product and not the primary agent being added to the skin. Highly potent menthol could potentially cause skin irritation and burning. In addition, avoid applying heat to an area where a product containing menthol has been applied.

Can you consume menthol?

Yes and no. Some products that are specifically designed for consumption contain menthol because it may help to relax muscles to help with things like cough or stomach pain. However, you should only consume menthol in products designed for the purpose and not a product designed for topical use.

Discover the Powerful Combination of Menthol and CBD

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Written by Ashley Reynolds.