When and Where Can I Buy Weed in Vermont?

Ashley Reynolds is the Co Founder of EMTCBD. Working with those ready to make the transition to plan based medicine is the driver behind Ashley’s ambitions to marry education with safe consumption of cannabis. A mom, dental hygienist, wife, and Vermonter, Ashley brings a unique story sharing perspective to the everyday women just trying to be well in a life of ups and downs.

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Vermont Cannabis Control Board

From ccb.vermont.gov: “The CCB was established through Act 164 of 2020 for the purpose of safely, equitably implementing and administering the laws and rules regulating adult-use cannabis (marijuana) in Vermont. It is responsible for establishing, administering, and regulating a cannabis regulatory system for commercial cannabis cultivators, wholesalers, product manufacturers, retailers and testing laboratories.”

Anyone is able to electronically comment on the minutes from each meeting, via this page. If you’d like to watch the meetings, you can view them here.

Until December 2021, the VCCB will be meeting every other day for two hours to discuss dispensaries, licensing, processing and cultivation.

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History of Cannabis in Vermont

Vermont was actually one of the earliest states to embrace the idea of cannabis as medicine back in 2004. In 2020, the Green Mountain State also became the ninth in the country to legalize cannabis for adult use. However, sales for recreational cannabis are not scheduled to begin in the state until 2022.

With cannabis possession now fully legal in the state, you may be curious about when you can purchase cannabis and where you are supposed to buy your cannabis from to remain compliant. We’ve pulled together the details to help you along.

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When can I buy weed in VT?

As noted, recreational cannabis sales were approved by the legislature in 2020, but it’s taking a bit of time to get everything up and running. Why? Vermont’s passage of a law named Vermont S.54 stipulated that all localities within the state would have to opt-in in order for recreational cannabis dispensaries to be allowed in their areas. Therefore, the first dispensaries are actually not set to open until 2022. Medical cannabis patients, however, do currently have access to places to buy their cannabis.

As far as the time of day when you can buy cannabis in Vermont, dispensaries are not restricted to certain hours of operation or being open only on certain days of the week. The typical dispensary opens around 9 or 10 in the morning and closes around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. However, medical cannabis patients typically have to schedule an appointment ahead of time to get their cannabis.

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So, where can I buy weed in VT legally?

As of right now, Vermonters can only buy legal cannabis in the Green Mountain State if they are a medical patient. However, once adult-use retail establishments are opened, all adults over the age of 21 will have access to cannabis products through the authorized Vermont dispensaries.

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Vermont Dispensary FAQs

Buying from Vermont dispensaries

There are a few dispensaries that are sanctioned by the Vermont Marijuana Registry (VMR) to provide medical cannabis to approved patients and caregivers. You can find a list of the VMR-approved dispensaries here.

In order to purchase cannabis, patients must have a valid MMJ card obtained from the VMR – and even then, patients can only purchase products from the dispensary that they have been designated to purchase from. You can, however, switch up your designated dispensary every 30 days if your current dispensary does not offer the selection you need.

Buying from a dispensary that delivers?

Vermont medical dispensaries are allowed to offer delivery, but not every dispensary chooses to do so. The state has established some pretty strict guidelines on how deliveries are handled and how they are documented, so not every dispensary takes part in this service. Delivery guidelines have yet to be established for adult-use dispensaries in VT.

What about cannabis possession in Vermont?

Even though recreational cannabis dispensaries are not yet open in Vermont, adults over the age of 21 (yes, even those without an MMJ card) are allowed to have as much as one ounce of cannabis or “five grams of hashish” without facing a penalty. Vermonters are also allowed to grow their own cannabis plants—four immature plants or two mature plants in a protected area. By contrast, MMJ patients can have up to nine plants at once.

A note about purchase limits

Once adult-use dispensaries open in the state, there will be a few limits as to how much cannabis a person can purchase at one time. The laws also dictate the amount of THC allowed in the products purchased. For example, you won’t be able to purchase flower that contains more than 30 percent THC. Edibles must contain 50 milligrams of THC or less for the full product and only 5mg THC per serving.

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The Future of Cannabis in VT

Slowly but surely, Vermont is becoming a fully weed-legal state. In the meantime, if you’re looking for high quality hemp-derived cannabinoids, be sure to check out our collection of CBD products at Elmore Mountain Therapeutics.

Vermont Weed Updates

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Written by Ashley Reynolds.