CBD Oil Tincture 500 mg


Our 500 mg CBD oil tincture is great for those that are newer to CBD and would like to try a full spectrum tincture without breaking the bank. Made from high quality, locally sourced full spectrum hemp extract and utilizes organic hemp seed oil as a carrier oil. Learn more.

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At Elmore Mountain Therapeutics®, we strongly believe in powers of Mother Cannabis. That’s why our 500mg CBD tincture utilizes 100% full spectrum hemp extract, delivering undiluted raw hemp power with every drop.

How To Use Our 500mg CBD Tincture

The best way to use any full spectrum tincture is to let your body absorb the cannabinoids and plant compounds sublingually. Sublingual absorption is what happens when you let the CBD oil rest underneath your tongue for about 30 seconds. Rather than immediately swallowing and making your liver & stomach do the work, sublingual absorption gives CBD and other active compounds a direct path into your bloodstream. Learn more about how to use CBD oil.

Why Choose a Full Spectrum Tincture?

Full spectrum tinctures contain many more beneficial compounds that are naturally found in the hemp plant. When you choose a tincture made from CBD isolate, you are only getting CBD. Other valuable cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBC, THC, etc. are completely left out of the equation. Same goes for other plant compounds like terpenes. With a full spectrum tincture, you get the full benefits of what’s known as the entourage effect. With tinctures made from CBD isolate, you do not. Learn more about the different types of CBD oil. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David Cranmer
Giving it a try

Too soon to notice results. The balm continues to work great.

Cara Jackson
A quality product—love it

I bought this as a gift to someone who has been feeling anxious. I have my own and truly benefit from taking it. Highly recommend.

500mg Tincture: Affordable and Effective

The 500mg Tincture is my go-to every evening before bed and during the daytime in times of higher pain levels or anxiety. This tincture has helped me sleep fully at night which feels miraculous as a person with chronic pain from scoliosis and several other orthopedic and neurological issues. Pain management doesn't have to be big pharma. It can be local, organic, created with care, and healthy for you. This tincture has helped me specifically with: sleep, general pain relief, TMJ and grinding my teeth at night, and anxiety relief on occasion. I highly recommend!

So effective!

I've tried a lot of different CBD brands over the last 3 years. Nothing compares to the quickness and effectiveness of EMT CBD's tinctures.
I love that everything is lab verified. I feel so happy to have found something that really works for my anxiety, insomnia, and pain. I recommend this product to all my friends and family.
Thank you EMT!

Dayna Davis
Quality CBD

I love their full spectrum CBD oil. It is high quality and so effective. It has helped me greatly with my chronic illness pain and my anxiety.

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