CBG Balm (250mg)


This new cannabinoid CBG does not disappoint with its high performance capabilities. The new scent blend of vetiver and bergamot relaxes the mind and improves focus.

Intended use: Apply liberally to sore or tired muscles.



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If CBD balm or other topical treatments don’t always give you what you need for aches and pains, CBG balm just might be the solution — either as your new go-to product, or as a supplement to your current CBD products.

What is CBG Balm?

CBG balm is a combination of essential and organic oils containing the cannabinoid, Cannabigerol (CBG). CBG Balm is has a variety of uses, and (like both THC & CBD) can affect everyone a little bit differently.

What’s in Elmore Mountain Therapeutics’ CBG Balm?

Our CBG Balm contains 250 mg of CBG oil. It also contains vetiver and bergamot essential oils that offer a dreamy floral scent that promotes relaxation and a focused mental state.

Vetiver oil has been used for hundreds of years since it was discovered to remove toxins that interrupt your body’s ability to slow skin aging. The secret? The vetiver plant’s roots contain high levels of nutrient-rich antioxidants that are beneficial for your skin on many levels.

The vetiver oil and CBG fusion in our CBG balm make this product second-to-none. The synergistic effects of both CBG and vetiver oil provide your skin with the care it needs to stay clear and healthy.

CBG balm is also made from a rich, nourishing blend of coconut, olive and sunflower oils, along with Vermont beeswax and shea butter. All the ingredients, including hemp oils, are grown organically.

How do I use CBG Balm?

The easy-application container allows you to apply generous amounts of CBG balm to sore muscles, as well as to other aches and pains. It’s also portable, making it useful for applying balm midday or on the go!


If their names sound similar, it’s for a good reason. Both CBG (cannabigerol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are beneficial compounds expressed from the cannabis plant. And neither will cause a “high,” whether used topically or orally.

Because CBG doesn’t exist in the same concentrations as CBD in most hemp varieties, it can be harder to extract in quantity. In fact, the same number of hemp plants will produce about 20 times the CBD oil as CBG oil.

For that reason, it’s not surprising that CBG products cost a bit more than similar CBDs.

So is it worth it for you?

For some people, replacing a beneficial CBD regime might not be needed. But many may find it helpful to either use a product that blends the two cannabinoids, or to use CBG on an as-needed basis.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sara Johns
Best balm

Relieves and relaxes. Added bonus is great aroma.

Kate D.
Soothing and calming Smell

Been using the CBD tincture for almost five years now post broken ankle and have referred many friends and colleagues to this particular product as I trust the small-batch process and high-quality oversight of EMT. Plus I feel it is the Best Buy for the best quality when comparing tinctures. Recently decided to try the CBG balm on a sore knee with tendinitis and I love the smell, the applicator and it seems to take the edge off. I recommend highly!

Lynda Marie Pibus
Pain relief for my Endo & IBS pain

This rub is the most effective rub I’ve used to help alleviate the pain I get from Endometriosis and from IBS. On my worst days, this is what I use to help me function. It also helps with alleviating muscular aches after I work out. I love the CBD rub, but this rub is more effective on days when the pain is worse.

Amanda Caldwell
CBG Balm

Loooove this, because it actually works!!!!! I work long shifts that involve me to be very physical. Lifting 40+ pounds for 10 hours. This is the bees knees for my sore, tight muscles!!!! I have tried a lot of cbd products and these are definitely my favorite! So pure and potent! Thank you so much for these high quality cbd and cbg products!

Great Hemp Product

I can’t get enough of this balm! I use this almost every night before bed to alleviate nerve pain in my leg and carpal tunnel in my right arm. My husband loves getting a back rub after 10 hour days in construction. Plus it smells delicious! Oh, it helps with sunburns too