CBG Oil Tincture 1500 mg



Experience the entourage effect a bit differently with this tincture that predominantly features Cannabigerol (CBG). Learn more.

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Containing the same amount of THC as our CBD tincture, the difference here lies in the concentration of CBG (1500mg).

What is CBG?

CBG is an abbreviation for cannabigerol. It’s a plant compound, also known as a cannabinoid, found in low concentrations in most hemp & cannabis plants. It’s been referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids” and the “stem cell cannabinoid” as it is essentially the building block for other compounds like CBD and THC.

What is CBG oil?

CBG oil is a hemp-infused extract similar to CBD oil. You can infuse CBG into many different products, but CBG oil is the most bioactive and therefore the most effective option. Our CBG oil is a full spectrum hemp extract with 1500mg CBG in the bottle, which means there’s about 30mg CBG per 1mL serving. Continue reading. Read product reviews.

Customer Reviews

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Leah Twitchell
We love it

I use this for both myself and my dogs. It's been a great sleep aid for me, and it also helps relieve my dogs' occasional aches and pains.

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Lynda Marie / vt_fashionista
Pain & Anxiety Relief

I suffer from chronic pain with endometriosis. I’ve used CBD products for years to get relief from my pain. I also suffer from anxiety and depression, and lately (since pandemic), these had become nearly debilitating for me. I am so glad I found Ashley’s quality formulas! This tincture helps relieve my pain when it’s at its worse. I use the tincture, and the lavender CBD balm together. I can make it through the toughest days at work with this combination! Quality matters with CBD. Ashley’s formulas are some of the very best CBD products I’ve used.They’re also made right in my home state of VT. Thank-you for recommending your products to me, Ashley!! 🙏❤️

Amber Minton

I have experienced chronic pain for years and this is great for reducing the pain with my severe arthritis in my Jaw.

Jen Mc.
The main reason I make it through the work week sane

I have used the CBG tincture for overall wellness but it has been especially handy for dealing with very demanding weeks at work. In addition to that I have quit smoking cigarettes and I feel that the tincture has helped keep me in a positive and motivated headspace. Despite this huge life change I have been able to remain centered, calm and in control of my emotions. This is a huge step for me as a person who has dealt with serious depression and feelings of unworthiness throughout my entire life. CBG is a routine that I look forward to each day and a tool for healing trauma daily. I feel like I think cleaner and I am seeing progress through new genuine desires to rise and achieve. It's much more difficult for me to prematurely switch into defensive moods and lose sight of calmness. This has benefit personal and professional relationships and I feel I'm performing better at work and having more fun than I have in a long time. I don't think I would have had the motivation without first a foundation of clarity provided by the CBG tincture.

katherine subocz
Restful nights & sharp mornings

I love every product of EMT but this is next level. Top of the line products. Especially in combo with the lavender cbd body oil, this is the ultimate nights sleep and waking up fresh not foggy is amazing.