Mini Holiday Bundle


We teamed up with Maine artisan Amphitrite Studio to bring you handmade relaxation eye pillows filled with 100% Organic Maine grown lavender flowers and Jasmine Rice.

Package Also includes:

100 mg CBD Balm stick (Medi Cool Scent)

500 mg CBD tincture



    • Eye Pillow is made of heavy yet soft 100% Organic cotton with a denim brushed finish.

    • Spot wash only if needed.


HOW TO USE: Apply Medi Cool balm directly to skin. Apply the pillow directly to skin or with cloth barrier. For HOT; Microwave for 2 minutes, for a more moist heat add in 1/2 cup of water in a separate dish. No microwave? Try a dry double boil technique; Put the pillow in a dry metal bowl, put the metal bowl in a larger pot with a few inches of water and boil until the pack gets warm. For COLD; Place in the freezer for roughly 30 minutes for cooling relief.

For added relief, take 25 mg EMT CBD high concentration CBD tincture sublingually. What Muscle tension?

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