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New to topical CBD? These 100 mg/1oz tins are a great way to try the effects before you upgrade to our larger size balms.

Package includes 1 Signature Balm 100 mg Tin and 1 Medi Cool Balm 100 mg Tin. Balm tins come in a gray gauze bag for easy gifting and storage.


Signature Balm Ingredients, Product Reviews and Details

Medi Cool Recovery Ingredient,  Product Reviews and Details

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Here’s a great video to show you the size of our balm tins, how much to apply, and exactly what you can expect! Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sara Johns

Great balm FB or tired muscles, sore feet, what ever pains you have. This will soothe them!

Amy Philie
Dad’s Arthritis

For Christmas I bought my step dad the Medi Cool tin for his back, which he now swears by. Recently he was visiting my Dad (we’re a friendly family) and he, my Dad, was complaining about arthritis in his fingers. As fate would have it my Step Dad had traveled to Florida with his medi cool and grabbed it for him to try. Almost instantly my Dad felt relief. After I heard that I had to gift my Dad your beautiful, life changing product. Stay awesome guys, your magic is working ✨.

Lynda Marie Pibus
Lavender balm helps relieve my anxiety!

I suffer from anxiety and depression, and lately (since pandemic), these had become nearly debilitating for me. I also suffer from chronic pain with endometriosis. I’ve used CBD products for years to get relief from my pain. I LOVE the lavender balm! It soothes my anxiety, and helps me get though some of the most challenging work days while feeling calm and composed. I also use this in combination with the CBD tincture. Ashley’s formulas are some of the very best CBD products I’ve used.They’re also made right in my home state of VT. Thank-you for recommending your products to me, Ashley!! 🙏❤️

Julienne Krause
Great for on the go

I keep this on me at all times as it’s become my go to. I rub it on my stomach when I have period cramps. I rub it on my forehead and temples when I have a headache. I rub it inside my wrists when I need to relax or just have all over boy aches. It works great and also smells wonderful.

Julienne Krause
Amazing after exercise

I first got this during ski season and it was the best thing ever to rub on my legs as I get older and realize I am out of shape to try to hit the bumps and woods like I used to. Nothing else allowed me to bounce back as quickly and ski a lot for a second day in a row like this (if I get 10 days a year in I’m happy). As the weather grew warmer I learned it also works just as great for sore body parts from hikes, cycling, and dancing at concerts. I also like how I could take it with me easily in my purse.