Signature Balm 100mg Tin


Our signature balm offers a relaxing Lavender scent.

Intended use: Apply all over body. Excellent face balm.

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  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Organic Coconut oil
  • Vermont Bees Wax
  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Organic Sunflower oil
  • 100 mg of Elmore Mountain Therapeutics® CBD
  • Organic Lavender essential oil

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Weight 1.4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in

Customer Reviews

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Theresa Ben
Great CBD Balm

I keep this in reserve for bad flare ups because I can't afford to buy it all the time. I mostly use the CBD Balm which I really love and use daily.

Lynda Marie / vt_fashionista
Lavender balm helps relieve my anxiety!

I suffer from anxiety and depression, and lately (since pandemic), these had become nearly debilitating for me. I also suffer from chronic pain with endometriosis. I’ve used CBD products for years to get relief from my pain. I LOVE the lavender balm! It soothes my anxiety, and helps me get though some of the most challenging work days while feeling calm and composed. I also use this in combination with the CBD tincture. Ashley’s formulas are some of the very best CBD products I’ve used.They’re also made right in my home state of VT. Thank-you for recommending your products to me, Ashley!! 🙏❤️

Julienne Krause
Great for on the go

I keep this on me at all times as it’s become my go to. I rub it on my stomach when I have period cramps. I rub it on my forehead and temples when I have a headache. I rub it inside my wrists when I need to relax or just have all over boy aches. It works great and also smells wonderful.

Coleen Austin

This CBD balm is the best I've ever tried. I have chronic pain in both my hands and wrists due to ligament damage. I have tried prescription creams, different types of therapy and other CBD treatments. This is the only thing that has assisted in stopping the constant aching and I am so very grateful! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone that has not found relief. I've even used it on my neck after sleeping wrong and it worked like a dream! Dont even hesitate...this is THE ONE that works!