At the RehabGYM, we believe in treating the whole body, as what affects one body part very often effects the whole. Since safe return to activities demands an optimal level of recovery, our goal is to reach full potential with every patient we see. How we accomplish this is to spend the vast majority of time in physical therapy working on stretching, strengthening, posture, body mechanics, balance, and endurance. While we can, and do on occasion, offer treatments such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, heat, cold, etc., we believe that these treat symptoms more than problems and with limited time and insurance money, we prioritize our care around what will have the greatest effect on rehab outcome. Every patient in physical therapy is given free access to the gym in between PT visits to supplement their therapy and provide opportunity to keep the whole body physically fit and healthy. When insurance money ends, there is opportunity for continued access to physical therapy intervention through affordable direct pay and/or supervised gym use.

Physical therapy has much more to offer though than simply reactive, rehabilitative care and the RehabGYM is proud to be on the cutting edge of preventative medicine. We are excited to use our profession to help keep the community active, healthy and injury-free. Utilizing physical therapy in providing proactive care to disease and injury is good for the individual and good for the healthcare industry.

Physical therapy is appropriate for every individual at any age. Give us a call or just stop by to find out how we can help you operate at your full potential!