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CBD Face Serum

My skin is so happy with this serum. I use it all summer and winter to help keep my skin balanced. – Lauren Morin (03/13/2022)

I have very sensitive skin, and this serum has done wonders for me! I have less irritated skin and less breakouts… – Hannah (02/04/2022)

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“These are awesome for sore muscles and sunburn! They’re also great for glowing skin and the scents are wonderful…” – Julienne Krause (09/05/2021)

“I practice massage therapy and EMT Oil is always my base for massages. It has helped people relieve physical aches and skin irritations I use it on everyone and preach the EMT Family<3” – Emily French (08/18/2021)

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“Fantastic product and Amazing customer service!!!” – Mary Cross (12/05/2021)

“This is my go-to remedy for headaches! I use the oil on the back of my neck, and the combination of CBD and lavender scent helps my body relax.” – Lexi (10/14/2020)

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Unscented CBD Body Oil

“I use this stuff every day! It keeps my hands from cracking and aching all winter long” – Hannah (02/04/2022)

“I’ve tended bar forty hours a week for the last twenty years (plus knee surgeries) and I can’t believe the difference I feel using this daily. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!!” – Kate Wise (05/11/2021)

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“I would bathe in this if I could! Seriously, I love the smell and how great it makes my skin feel!!” – Emily (07/05/2021)

“5 ⭐Rose Body Glow is divine. This oil is Divine. I gift it as often as possible ❤” – Lisa Mitchell (06/21/2021)

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Create Your Own CBD Spa Experience With Our Skin Care Products

Experience pure CBD bliss with Elmore Mountain Therapeutics CBD skincare line. Our CBD spa collection is designed to help you take better care of your skin & improve your mood all while keeping your health & the environment in mind.

Our CBD skincare line is powered by organic ingredients

Powered by organic ingredients and a wealth of cannabis knowledge, our spa collection includes not only the best CBD products in Vermont, but the best CBD skincare products available anywhere!

Try our rejuvenating face serum

Our CBD face serum contains ingredients like organic jojoba & organic sunflower oil, which are ingredients that you will also find in our lavender CBD body oil and our unscented CBD body oil.

Our unscented body oil is the perfect base for your own essential oils

Our unscented CBD body oil is the ultimate tool to have in your CBD toolkit, as it is a blank canvas for CBD skincare creation. Add your own essential oil blend to this product in order to create your own therapeutic experience tailored to your exact needs.

Will CBD make a good addition to my skincare routine?

Yes, but only if applied in a way that’s not damaging to your pores. The most important factor when considering which CBD products to add to your skincare regimen is the carrier oil. Many CBD companies use MCT oil or coconut oil as the carrier oil for their CBD. MCT oil is comedogenic, which means it will clog your pores. We use hemp seed oil as our carrier which is non-comedogenic.

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