“I have been using CBD oil for 2 months for migraines and fibromyalgia.  So far I have been very impressed by the results. I haven’t had a full fledged migraine since before I started using the CBD oil and it has also helped my pain level with my fibromyalgia. Thank you Ashley! I’m also happy to see your oil is now so accessible, congratulations.” – Jennifer M.


“I have noticed while using the cbd oil that my anxiety is reduced and my chronic pain has gone down during rest and I am sleeping a lot better. I highly recommend their products.” – Jonathan T.


“I wanted to share my story in case anyone is on the fence about CBD. My whole life I have had migraines. Then I got pregnant. It got sooooo much worse. Then I got my period back and it got somehow even worse. I would throw up 10-20 times a day when I had them, couldn’t work, couldn’t drive, could barely take care of my baby. I decided to try this oil because why not. I have not had a SINGLE migraine since starting!” – Amanda B.


“Hey! Just wanting to say this about EMT (love the acronym!!). Elmore Mountain Therapeutics offers a high quality, whole plant CBD product which I love. The flavor is rich and its medicinal quality hits the spot – de-escalating stressors stored in my body from daily life. I’ve also found it beneficial when transitioning diets or making life changes. Overall, I highly recommend this CBD company. Its owner, Ashley Reynolds, is full of knowledge and skillful in listening to needs and providing sound advice. The tinctures and their little black labels are aesthetically adorable and make excellent gifts!

Our family became aware of CBD as a natural pain killer when my uncle was dying of cancer. The plant compound offered him much needed relief and in part enabled him to enjoy his final days. The potential curative properties of CBD continue to grow and I’m so thankful to be tuned in with the research and efforts.” – Shaina L.

“So i started with EMT CBD a few weeks ago for myself and my very senior dog. I have got to say both of us are feeling great minus the thunderstorm pressure changes. our arthritis is totally controlled, the nerve damage in my leg has vastly improved his tremors has waned AND I haven’t had any intense concussion (it will be I’ve year at the end of August ) headaches. My anxiety over intense situations is gone and my metabolism is better. This stuff is as close to a magic pill as I can see.” – Elizabeth S.

“I have been taking Elmore mountain therapeutics cbd oil for almost a month, it has eased my symptoms of depression and anxiety and seemed to help my body fight a shingles outbreak with less pain and less time. So far I’m impressed!” – Jlynn C.

“Ashley, thank you for making my first purchase of oil so easy and answering my questions about your product so promptly! I found your product while researching Fluoroquinolone Toxicty. I was “Floxed” after taking Levofloxacin antibiotic in Sept. of 2016. I am on my 4th day and I have to tell you how much this oil has helped me. I received it as promised via UPS early Friday morning and promptly put 10 drops under my tongue as directed. That was at 11 AM. By 11:30 AM I was in disbelief as my joint, tendon, and ligament pain started to subside. It is now Monday morning and I just did my morning drops and I have to tell you, I am absolutely amazed at how much better I feel! I have not been able to lift my arms above my head because of the pain in my deltoid muscles for several months, my lower back was in pain, my knees hurt so bad that I needed a cane to walk but could not use it because I couldn’t put any pressure on my hands and fingers for the pain was excruciating. In a nut shell, I felt like a had been hit by a truck. As I am sitting here typing this, I feel absolutely no pain! I am not 100% back to where I was before being Floxed, I know I have limits because if I pivot my knees or lift something heavy, my back, hands, and arms reminded me I am damaged BUT I have found hope and I truly believe the CBD oil is the answer.” Blessings! – Laurie L

“I love your face serum and your CBD Balm. I had some weird allergy thing happen with my eye and I spread some of the Balm over my eye and within a couple of hours, my swelling on the top of my eye went down significantly. I use the face serum every day and my face does not break out and stays hydrated without me having to reapply it. Just wanted to say thanks for creating an all-natural product that works.”

  • Taryn L

“I was interested in trying CBD for so long but I didn’t know where to start. After healing Ashley on a podcast, my mind was made up and I felt confident in trying EMT. I ordered the starter kit and was I was blown away! The Medi-Cool balm works wonders. I love massaging it on my shoulders and feet after a long day. I also love rubbing a bit on my temples when I feel tension headaches coming on. I am so thank full for EMT.