Wellness Seekers! Welcome to Elmore Mountain Therapeutics

- Pure + Simple Formulas
- Third Party Lab Verified Formulas
- All Made in Our Facility in Morrisville, Vermont
- Crafted Using Only Organic Ingredients
-Women Owned
-Founded May 2017

Vermont CBD Oil You Can Trust

We only use hemp plants grown in Vermont in our extraction process because we have developed some amazing relationships with these Vermont Farmers. We know that they feel the same way about quality that we do.

Every single product we make here at Elmore Mountain Therapeutics® is backed by science and hard data to ensure efficacy and to promote transparency. Try our Full Spectrum CBD Oil and see for yourself!

Our spa + skincare products are also infused with Vermont CBD

That’s right, our CBD Skin Care Line is powered by VT CBD and fully organic ingredients. We also purposefully chose not to include MCT oil in our products due to its comedogenic properties.